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Pfannenberg, Inc. is a global manufacturer of thermal management, liquid cooling solutions and signaling technologies.
Established in 1954 by Otto Pfannenberg, for over 60 years Pfannenberg has been recognized as a industry leader within the electrotechnology industry.
In 1958, Pfannenberg invented the Filterfan®, which is recognized worldwide as a leading product to help manage the temperature in electrical enclosures.
In 1962, Pfannenberg also invented the first industrial flashing light that did not require a bulb change once activated.

Pfannenberg's thermal management products are used by some of the largest companies worldwide to keep their electronics cool and safe, protecting critical manufacturing processes.
Pfannenberg's liquid cooling solutions provide the critical cooling required for manufacturing processes including machine tooling, plastic injection molding equipment, food & beverage extrusion equipment and X-ray/vision systems, to name a few.

Pfannenberg is global, with international headquarters located in Hamburg, Germany and the North-American headquarters located in Lancaster, NY.
Further locations are in Rotherham (UK), Rueil-Malmaison (FR), Fidenza (IT), Singapore (SG), Suzhou (CN), St. Petersburg (RU) and Indaiatuba (BR).
Together with Pfannenberg's sales associates and worldwide offices, a far-reaching network has been established covering all the international markets.

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Protect sensitive high-performance components and cut costs through high energy efficiency and servicing ease. Pfannenberg offers superior products as well as a free software tool for a secure dimensioning of thermal management solutions. Pfannenberg provides the proper solution for each thermal management challenge including filterfans, cooling units, air / air, air / water, and water / water heat exchangers, chillers, heaters, thermostats and hygrostats.

Pfannenberg also offers the full range of supports to help you creating and operating reliable and efficient liquid cooling solutions which are customizable and available around the world. Due to the new EU regulations, all of Pfannenberg's chillers are now converted to common, lower impact refrigerants.

1. Filterfans®

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Otto Pfannenberg's invention of the Filterfan® in 1958 was a milestone in the area of industrial thermal management.
As a result of over 50 years of experience and continuous development, Pfannenberg's Filterfans® have evolved into the trusted name for forced convective cooling to circulate and cool the air in your cabinets.
If the ambient temperature is always lower than the temperature required in the electrical enclosure, then Filterfans® represent an economical solution for thermal management of electrical enclosures.
Filterfans® are the ideal solution for clean, non-hazardous environments with an acceptable ambient (outside the enclosure) temperature range. When the amount of heat being removed from your enclosure is minimal, the use of PFA Exhaust Filters can be effective.

  • All weather protection: Pfannenberg offers NEMA Indoor Type 12 and Outdoor Type 3R filterfans to face all environment conditions
  • Patented tool-less 4 corner fastening system: allows fast installation (possibly in seconds) and easy removal reducing MTTR
  • 300% longer service time via patented fluted filter mat: the larger surface area on the filter mat allows for the higher filtration level, greater service life and maximum airflow
  • UL certification: Pfannenberg is the only global manufacturer who offers a certified filterfans without requiring further protection
  • Highest quality fans: German manufactured fans that exceed industry standards for quality, performance and service life
  • Globally compatible: ERP compliant as well as other national and international standards (TüV, NEMA, UL, CSA & EAC)
  • Versatile options: UV protected plastic for use under direct sunlight, EMC shielding to attenuate RF signals and exhausting fans for custom applications
Pfannenberg fans can be chosen below either for metric flow (cubic meters per hour / m³/hour) or imperial flow (cubic feet per minute / CFM)

1.1. Choose your filterfan by metric flow (cubic meters per hour / m³/hour):

1.2. Choosing your filterfan by imperial flow (cubic feet per minute / CFM):

2. Cooling units

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Pfannenberg's DTS side-mounting series cooling units are driven to meet the demands of our North American NEMA market. These units meet the needs of indoor NEMA Type 12 applications, NEMA Type 3R/4 outdoor applications and NEMA Type 4/4x stainless steel for washdown applications. Revolutionary designed DTT top-mounting series cooling units offer unique protection through Pfannenberg's innovative, patented condensate management system. These units can be safely installed above critical components with peace of mind. The DTI recessed-mounting series cooling units allow for European style recessed mounting on enclosure doors and/or side panels on modular systems. These "click & fit" units reduce installation times by more than 90%.

  • Easy access control panel: electrical controls are easily accessible with the flip down access panel
  • New narrower design: compact design delivers high cooling capacity to enclosures as small as 12 inches (300mm) in width
  • Rugged design: powder coated steel or stainless steel cover designed for manufacturing environments
  • Maintenance free, filterless design: the wide fin spacing is less susceptible to clogging from dirt build up reducing efficiency
  • Pluggable power connection: easily made without opening the chassis
  • ERP efficiency certified: fan components adhere to the European Energy Related Products Directive efficiency rating
  • Environmentally friendly: utilizes HFC-free R134a refrigerant for easier service and minimized impact to the environment
  • Phase protection: three-phase 400/460Vac powered units are protected from phase mis-wiring
  • High ambient performance: both indoor and outdoor units are designed to perform very well in high ambient temperature up to 131°F
  • Active condensate management: to conserve power, the heater only activates when necessary
  • Thermal overload protection: compressor and fan motors are outfitted with integral temperature switches to shut down the unit in the event of excessive temperature
  • High airflow backward curve impeller fan: provides high airflow in a long lasting, single bearing design
  • Pressure overload protection: high pressure cutout switch ensures safety by shutting off the compressor in the event of excessive pressure in the circuit
  • Corrosion protection: outdoor/washdown units have a special coating on pipes and coils providing protection from corrosive substances
  • Thermal expansion valve: regulates the flow of refrigerant based on thermal demand for efficient performance over the entire operating temperature range
  • Lifting lug ports: threaded holes accommodate the installation of lifting lugs to facilitate safe installation
  • Self-protected from harsh environments: Pfannenberg's units are uniquely designed to protect themselves in NEMA 3R, 4 and 4X environments

Choose your cooling units by mounting location:

3. Heat exchangers

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The PKS series air / air heat exchangers use Pfannenberg's Kinetic System™ next generation cooling to exchange and move the heat from an electrical enclosure to the outside environment. This is a perfect solution when concerned with the open loop Filterfan® designs that don't prevent corrosive gas or humidity from entering the enclosure. Designed for indoor cooling, outdoor or remote applications that require a closed-loop system to protect electronics.

The PKS series features an energy efficient, minimal maintenance and reduced footprint design that is a proven solution in harsh environments. These units offer a closed loop design to isolate external air from inside of the enclosure without the need to change the filter.

  • Best CCPD: produces superior cooling capacity per density vs. conventional heat exchanger and/or heat pipe solutions
  • Energy efficient: utilizes lower temperature ambient air to cool warmer internal air without an active component such as a compressor which consumes high energy
  • Narrow width: width of the units are maintained at 12 inches to fit onto the side of any smaller NEMA enclosures
  • Reduced maintenance: with only two mechanical components, potential failure point is reduced to ensure continuous uptime of your process
  • Flexible mounting options: a unit can be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing the cool air to be focused where it is needed most
  • Closed loop design: designed to isolate external ambient air from internal air eliminating the risk of contaminates entering the cabinet
  • Easy installation: compact lightweight design means that the unit can be installed by just one person
  • Self-protected from harsh environments: uniquely designed to operate in NEMA 3R, 4 and 4X environments
  • Eliminates hotspots: high CFM fan with superior air flow, ideal for eliminating hot spots

Choose your heat exchangers by media:

4. Thermostats and hygrostats

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Thermostats are used as temperature controllers and, therefore, for the control of Filterfan® or electrical enclosure heaters. They are available with N.C. (normally closed) / N.O. (normally open) and changeover contacts. Twin thermostats are switching units in various temperature ranges, they use less space than 2 single devices which saves energy and reduce costs.

In combination with control cabinet heaters you can ensure, besides temperature control, that the control cabinet is 'artificially' dehumidified, particularly in outdoor applications. That means that the temperature is kept above the dew point so that no water condenses out of the air, which could lead to short circuits due to the formation of condensation.

  • Ultra compact design: at slightly over 2" wide and just over 3" tall, this compact design easily installs into areas that have a limited installation space.
  • Easy mounting options: a unit can be connected to a standard DIN-rail without tools using the included snap fastener
  • Independent controls: control dials are color coded based on the model
  • Durable long lasting: with its rugged design and solid construction, you can count() on Pfannenberg's thermostats to perform consistently over a long period of time
  • Energy saving solution: one unit can control two separate devices (e.g. Filterfan®, heaters) providing an environmental balance through energy usage reduction
  • UL certified for 508A panels: thermostats are UL recognized allowing for integration into UL 508A panels

5. Space heaters

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Low temperatures and high humidity are the biggest dangers for electrical enclosures. Pfannenberg heaters prevent condensate build up and therefore protect against corrosion.

  • Flexible mounting options: a unit can be direct mounted or connected to a standard DIN-rail without tools using the included snap fastener
  • Integrated fan: compact fan moves air across the heater elements to provide quick and efficient heating of the enclosure
  • Precise temperature control: built-in thermostat allows Pfannenberg's heater to be set to the precise temperature required for your application
  • Reduced installation: save time and money when installing or moving the unit with Pfannenberg's UL listed quick connects
  • Touch-safe outer housing: well insulated ABS high temperature resistant plastic housing material ensures that unit remains cool and safe to touch during operation
  • UL listed: heaters are UL recognized to NITW2 and NITW8 standards allowing for easy integration into UL 508A panels
  • PTC heater technology: using the self-regulating heating element designed to prevent overheating and safe operation within your application

Choose your space heaters by series and heating capacity:

6. Liquid cooling / packaged chillers

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Pfannenberg offers a versatile range of packaged chillers, ranging in sizes from less than 1/2 Ton to 30 Tons insuring the proper capacity available for most applications. These packaged chillers are ready to use requiring only piping and power to install as part of your solution for process cooling applications. Pfannenberg also provides the coolant. Ethylene and Propylene Glycol coolants, with proper corrosion inhibitors are available in a variety of packaging options, both full strength and pre-mixed.

Each chiller model includes the pump, tank, refrigeration system and controls required for simple installation and reliable, efficient operation. Pfannenberg's knowledgeable applications staff is always on hand to discuss the application and to make sure that a proper selection is made. With many available equipment options, Pfannenberg's standard chillers can be easily customized to meet specific application requirements.

  • Indoor/outdoor unit: can be used for outdoor applications or to remove the heat from your factory in any harsh production environments
  • Higher temperature precision: rapid and accurate adjustment of cooling capacity to the actual load leads to a significant higher stability of the medium temperature (±0.1K)
  • Silent operation: the EC fans ensures the optimum airflow any time avoiding constantly high noise emissions
  • Energy efficiency and costs savings: variable speed technology combined with refrigerant R410A ensure reduced energy consumption with increased operating flexibility
  • Maximum efficiency in partial-load operation: automatically adapt to your application so you always have the right dimensioning and high efficiency at any workload
  • Successful design: Pfannenberg's product design is based on customized units that have proven their performance in industrial applications all over the world